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Kpop Fix: Confession by Astro

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Astro is back and ready to grace our souls with their presence in their recent song titled Confession. This song comes from their third EP. They were here for spring and for summer and now they will slay us this fall.

The boys show a sense of growth in this song, something we see in their stuff in general. They are slaying us this time with drums and guitar instrumentals that make the instrumental demand your attention right off the bat.

The song features both vocals and rapping and each of the parts feel like a cohesive whole to the entire narrative. It shows that the boys are serious about establishing their presence in the Kpop world in a big way.

The song has a very popular sound to it, one in which you could see it being in a soundtrack for some popular show. Perhaps the reason for this comes from the peppy nature of the song.

The chorus has a familiar to it that makes you think about love, sunshine, summer, and other elements of a shounen or shoujo story. But then again with lyrics like:

“For making your cold hand be warm/I’ll blow on your hands with my mind/Will you be mine forever?” and “Now answer me/Time is ticking, tic tac toc/(I’ve ever met)/Fall is coming/And the feeling of you is new/I hope you don’t push me anymore/Who is looking at you.”

It makes perfect sense.

One of the downfalls to the song however is the way the song just seems to stop in the midst of the confession. You wonder if the confession is going to lead to more but it just cuts off.

It makes for a bit of an awkward listening experience when you first listen to the song. We expected it to either fade out or hit some form of crescendo and then lead away, but it feels unfinished.

We can only speculate why the music producers would do this. Perhaps to make it feel like part one to an over arching love story? Is it episodic like an K-Drama or an anime?

The video is very much like a K-Drama or anime, speaking of which. It follows the boys who are seemingly following a girl who is going through the motions of love and heartache.

You have many of the anime tropes like the train ride, the school uniforms, the tears, the bike ride, and the boy meets girl moment. It all oozes with cuteness and familiarity.

Additionally the video of course has some dance sequences added and the boys truly know how to get down.