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K.A.R.D’s “Don’t Recall” Checks All The Kpop Boxes

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For our very first Kpop Update we take a quick look at K.A.R.D and see what everyone has been saying. So what’s better than a boy band or a girl group? How about on that combines the two? That’s the gimmick that makes K.A.R.D truly work and stand out among other popular groups.

And guess what?

It’s working!

The group’s new MV for “Don’t Recall” has been catching the attention of the world!



Since coming out, K.A.R.D has received a huge international following thanks to their unique co-ed style with two female singers and a pair of male rappers. The group is produced by DSP Media.

So how does the song check all the boxes?


Well, it’s not a funky beat. The mellow yet danceable chorus is addicting.


You’ve got the strong female harmonies.


Those strong male rap verses shake up the song, keeping from being mundane.


And you’ve got an MV with great choreography and a sense of style. Just look at their clothes! The guys and girls have definitely got some chemistry going on. The tropical beat doesn’t hurt either!

Watch it below!