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KPop Fix: Joo Chan x So Yoon – No One Like You

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Woollim Entertainment had us waiting and waiting and WAITING! Luckily they went from keeping us in the dark to really delivering some amazing groups. This time there will be no reality shows debuts for any of the groups. Instead we get a creative mishmash of the boys and girls collaborating together on some new tracks.


The song itself is a traditional ballad with rhythm and blues braided into it. Joo Chan and So Yoon’s voices melt together so well. It’s pretty easy to understand why the collaborations are happening, because they are sickening!


The two singers go back and forth in a melodic tug of war, trading verses like trained pros. It’s a nice build up to when their voices finally do collide with one another in the chorus. It’s definitely the song’s most iconic moment.

You can really feel the confession of love coming through in this MV. So check it out!