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I Smile – DAY6

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Day6 continues to bring on their promise of more music. The big thing for fans to celebrate though is that the single “I Smile” accompanies the release of their next album which of course is like your birthday, if you’re a fan and you don’t happen to have your birthday today…

Anyway, the song is called I Smile and is considered the leading track though fans who wanna collect the previous singles will be happy to know that they are coming along for the ride as well!

I Smile is more of a pop rock offer with a far more naked and personal style to it. It’s a nice setback to their earlier stuff. But on top of this the song is super satisfying to listen to!

The first listen has you wondering if the song will build up to that potentially epic moment! It does! And it’s hard not to get emotional about it! And fans will be excited to know that this song is by far one of their most vocally impressive.

It breaks your heart, makes you want to hug them, and for some of us will remind you of someone from your past.

The video oozes the same emotion as we get so many emotional close ups of the guys as they pour their hearts out, playing their instruments, and pining over a beautiful leading lady.

The cinematography works in tone with the increasing intensity. It feels like the closer we get to the end the closer the camera gets. Not that that’s a bad thing! ^_^