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I Loved You – Day6

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Day6 has been doing something pretty creative as part of their comeback promo – they’ve dedicated themselves to releasing a new song on the first 6th of the month, and they have yet to disappoint.

On the 6th they dropped their 9th digital single which had two tracks on it. The first being the fresh hot single “I Loved You” and the second being “Leave It Behind.”

I have to say that as far as Day6 songs go, this mellower, brooding selection is one of my faves!

“I Loved You” is bittersweet from the beginning both lyrically and sound wise. Yes, those are crickets you hear in the beginning and yes your heartstrings will be pulled as you hear the couple of whistles added in the beginning.

There is something summery and very nostalgic about hearing those two added elements, which help make the song not only feel a tad bit unique but also a little more somber.

The lyrics start off rather bitter early on.

“I blame you/ I’m hating the memories with you again/ After losing you/ Everything is meaningless to me/ I don’t miss you/ Don’t want to see you/ The love you gave me/ I don’t want to remember it.”

It’s obvious from the restrained feelings that Day6 is angry, but there’s still a hint of an affection there, but admitting it will be painful.

Like any good rock/pop song, the reveal comes in the chorus, and that’s exactly what happens.

“Really I loved you/ I just loved you too much/ That I can’t forget about you even though I want to/ That’s why I want to forget about you/ Truly I loved you/ It’s hard as much as I loved you/ Though I want to hate you/ I hate you more because I can’t hate you.”

The lines ring true on a universal level, and they have just enough of the teen angst that anyone who’s still feeling the pain of a complicated and messy relationship will feel a pain in their chest.

The chorus does a great job of bringing up the indecisiveness of these situations.

If there is one thing I wished the song did better was build up to its bridge chorus.

In emotional songs like this, I can’t help but want to take the emotions up a notch when the crescendo of the song hits.

It’s the difference between typical pop rock song and a torch ballad. The boys are definitely capable of taking a song there.

The music video continues the story that the previous music video for “What Can I Do” which makes sense given the songs’ different but complimentary tones.

I’d suggest, if you haven’t yet, watch it before enjoying “I Loved You.”


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