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Heart Attack by AOA

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Summer jams are meant to get you up and going. They’re meant to make you feel the rush of having freedom, like when you were a kid, or when you’ve just finished the semester. The summer heat is beating down on you, the days are longer, and you don’t want the carefree nature of July to end.

Well, any good Kpop song during this time will try to mimic this summer mentality, and that’s exactly what you get when you listen to AOA’s track “Heart Attack.”

If the tight harmonies don’t get you, the beat will. Brave Brothers produced the song, and it shows in the EDM light, arena heavy influences of the song. He did a great job. “Heart Attack” starts with sonic beats as the girls’ pitchy delivery demands your attention.

The song is about the feeling of infatuation, which is perfect for summer. The song talks about fluttering hearts, falling into arms, and describe the perfect physique of the man that’s captured their attention.

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His broad shoulders, sharp eyes, and tender voice are what draw them to him. They are head over heels. This song unabashedly bubble gum pop, but it’s conscious of this and embraces it.

To add to this high spirit, the arena-like elements bring back memories of cheerleading and high school sports, which it aimed directly at the demographic and younger. Summer is a time of love and crushes after all.

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The song is heavy on thumping, which makes it ready for the clubs. In addition, the stomping synths are a nice juxtaposition to the group’s vocals.

Ultimately, the song is going to get you up and dancing and will help keep you warm during the colder parts of the year.

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The song is currently available through iTunes and Google Music.