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Kpop Fix: Gallant x Tablo x Eric Nam – Cave Me In

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When east meets west in the realm of Kpop, great things happen. While it may be jarring to hear and all English Kpop song, “Cave Me In” by Gallant, Tablo, and Eric Nam, is still a Kpop song in every which way you can imagine.

Gallant is an artist who came into the R&B realm just recently in 2016. He has a Grammy nominated album called Ology and he is bringing that experience with him into the world of Kpop. He’s got rap verses from Epik High’s Tablo and Eric Nam. The three of them smoothly transition between one another on their verses and continue to build upon the song’s message.


It was just released on the 26th and is airy and dreamlike in its arrangement. It strikes a nice chord between being both the club vibe and the chill vibe. It’s a nice song about the positives and negatives of life and love.

In an interview with Billboard, Tablo said:

“This song, in some ways, will get you pumped and ready for the club and, in another way, when you’re back in the Uber and things didn’t work out as well as you imagined that night, it could console you,” Tablo tells Billboard over the phone from South Korea. “I’m a huge fan of music and what it can do to your psyche and also to your life. There are songs that have affected me my entire life and turned me into who I am, so whenever I’m on a song it feels like to me it’s a mission to change somebody at that moment, or for longer if that’s possible.”


While the song itself is very smooth, light, and easy on the ears, the purpose of the song is a little deeper being that Nam wants to bridge the gap between both the western and eastern pop music worlds.

He told Billboard:

“So much of the reason that I’m working in Korea is because [Asian Americans] are not given the opportunity to do this in the States, to showcase our talent in entertainment,” he said. “I think acting has developed a lot lately, with shows and movies that feature Asian faces, but I don’t think there are a lot of Asian faces in music in the western world. So what started off as a humble project of, like, ‘Let’s make good music, let’s make some waves here or there’ led to having a song with Grammy nominated Gallant and Tablo, who I’ve been a fan of for years.”

Indeed it will be songs like this that will really make a difference.