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EXO – Power MV

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EXO comes back with a song that’s different from their most recent releases but embraces the traditional, unapologetic sound of pop at its core.

“Power” does nothing that we haven’t heard before, but I’m totally fine with that because the sound (and the song’s message) is one that I can totally get behind 100%.


I confess that I’ll never, ever get over hearing a good, simple pop song with a positive message.

“Power,” just as you’d assume from the title, is a pop track that reminds you that you have the “power” to choose how you feel about a certain situation.

While it can be interpreted as universal, the lyrics themselves go for a more love-oriented theme.

After a zesty synth intro, we get a rap-sing intro that gets your heart pumping.

“Don’t hesitate/Move on/Come on, there’s no time/Your future depends on your imagination/Throw away your fears, we are allowed to/Because you hold every key.”

Like lyrics pulled out of an anime intro, EXO dares you to not move when they command that you get up out of your rut.

The rap-sing delivery helps to make it feel even more frantic, but the frenetic nature doesn’t take off from there, as the sung lyrics come in and slow us down just a notch, but I hesitate to use to the word “slow” because this is by no means a slow song.


Nostalgia gets a hold of me as I heard the next section. It reminds me of being a child, which is what makes the song so joyous to listen to on repeat.

“You used to dream even when you weren’t asleep/I hope you never forget/Today, let’s burn it up with fun together/Like we’ve become one, feeling feeling/So turn me up.”

It’s like they’re writing a letter to our inner child, the ones who dream and have imaginations, the ones that society tells us to shut down as we go to school, and work, and are told to forget about being childish.

What’s the remedy for this? EXO’s song of course!

“Don’t worry anymore, stop/Time is ticking, even now, tik tok/We take a shot/Let’s go, we got bang bang pow wow/With the melody that comes out of your earphones/Shut out all the noise and turn the volume up high/We got that power everytime”

The song doesn’t stray far from your typical pop arrangement either. As I was listening to it, I waited for the build up and it came.

I waited for the explosive final chorus, and that came too.

I even got the final wrap up, the part where the chorus comes one more time and then it’s all over.

It was the experience I expected and I loved it all the more for it.

The music video is filled with nostalgic kid show goodness as well. EXO is obviously making their own version of the beloved Power Rangers franchise.

Each of the boys represent a certain element and they battle intergalactic evil doers.

While that would have been adorable enough to watch, the MV goes into meme territory with the final part, as a cute fuzzy cat comes and continuously smashes down a button.


It’s EXO. It needs no explanation.

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