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Don’t Wanna Cry by Seventeen

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Seventeen is warming up this spring with their new song Don’t Wanna Cry. Much like other recent songs like “Make Me Love You” by Taeyeon, this song has a more western appeal to it, probably in order to expand its market like Taeyeon’s promoters are doing.

This creates an interest sound for them, it’s different and refreshing. The beats are where the song really shines. It’s hard not to hear the chorus and not want to get caught up in it.

It’s got that nice build up that many songs in the west seem to be going away from, which is sad, because the buildup is usually where we truly “feel” the essence of the song.

This change in style, in a way, makes the song sound slightly dated in the sense that is sounds like it was part of the pop world in the early 2014’s. That’s not a bad thing at all. If anything it helps them feel different from what’s currently rotating.



The video has a nice flow to it. It feels like there’s a different location and scene every two or three seconds. There’s water, there’s desert, there’s the city, there’s more desert, there’s the sea, there’s even some black and white shots.

It really makes the song feel like it’s got a grand reach. But what’s also interesting is that the different scenes and artistic angles make you wonder if there is a deeper meaning that can be extracted from the viewing experience. But we’ll leave that last part up to you to decide!


Watch the guys be sexy and dance in the video below!