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Why Don’t You Know by Kim Chungha ft. Nucksal

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It was sad to see Kim Chungha leave I.O.I. but she’s risen from the ashes as a solo artist with her debut song. Under M&H Entertainment, we have her first song called Why Don’t You Know and the accompanying EP Hands On Me. Fans are waited with bated breath and the wait was not in vain.

The song isn’t shy about its embracing of the current craze of adding tropical tinged EDM flairs to a pop song. This puts here song up there with recent western releases like that of Lady Gaga’s The Cure.

This keeps the song and Kim’s voice in a milder type of tone for the duration of the song. She does, however, keep the song from being too monotone with the build up to the chorus which happens after the first verse and the prechorus.

Her vocals scale up like a staircase in this way and shows that she’s got enough power behind it do be a solo artist. The beats do feel like they overpower her voice a bit at times, especially in the middle but at least her vocals make a strong comeback toward the end.

Rapper Nucksal adds his part in and to be honest, it’s a take it or leave sort of ordeal. The rap verse seems to creep in and out of the nowhere and does act as like a distraction from the tropical beats and rhythm of her voice, but didn’t add as much as you’d want for a song like this. We hoped for more of a punch, but what Nucksal does add is still decent enough.

The MV is playful, pretty, and confusing. There’s a colorful room, there’s a desert, and then there’s some dream sequences with a dolphin. It’s adorably messy and doesn’t make a lot of sense but its fine.

It works for what the song is, which is a nice summer offering that will help launch her career. It’s a safer bet to go with the trendiest of pop musical styles right now.

While Kim’s debut solo act isn’t going to rewrite any Kpop history, it will still be a summer bop you should listen to.