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Kpop Fix: Can’t Stop – DIA

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In the midst of so many trendy Kpop songs coming out nowadays, it’s always nice to have a song that takes Kpop music back to its cutesy, high school crush days. This is where I’d categorize DIA’s latest single “Can’t Stop.”

“Can’t Stop” acts as their comeback song, and what a comeback it is. Although it feels more like a “take back,” as the song and its accompanying music video, has everything many Kpop fans love.

Melodic violins with synth-laden intro, check. Direct jump into the catchy chorus after said infectious intro, check. Second chorus that’s slower, and acts as a second introduction to the story behind the song, check. Song about grade school level crush, double check.

We get a big hit of nostalgia with the explosive lyrics in the chorus.

“Baby can’t stop, I wanna hear it/I keep wanting to hear it, my head is filled with you/oh baby can’t stop/We’re getting closer oh, I can’t stop.”

Like jolt from a caffeinated drink, you’re thrown back into your grade school desk, thinking about that crush that defined your childhood.

You’d stop at nothing to try and get them to notice you. You’re obsessed with them. You “can’t stop” thinking about them.

Excuse the pun, but you get what I mean.

Elsewhere, the lyrics are just and simple and catchy.

“Do you know? Did you know?/I’m always lingering around you/I miss you/Without even knowing, this love has started/I hope it reaches you/(Between us)/We’re connected by an invisible line/Step by step, on my way to you/Little by little, I’m going more and more.”

Simply put, romantic feelings are budding, and the girls are starting to realize this.

The music video is also very traditional, with the girls singing in the backdrop of an empty school. To make things feel even more retro, we see one of them holding one of the earliest models of an iPod. An iPod! The girls dance around in different settings from the gym, the courtyard, basketball court, and others. Their dance moves are cutesy, simple and in sync just like their vocals the track’s delivery.

This is also about girl power as well, as there are no boys presented in the video. Yuri fans will have fun shipping the girls together, as there are moments that, if you want, can be read as romantic, especially when the girls take each other hands and run off into the distance. It’s adorable as heck and feels like a scene pulled straight from a manga or anime.

Watch DIA’s new MV below!


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