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BTS’s rise to international fame continues with their recent album that just dropped “Love Yourself: Her” and they dropped the stellar MV for its first track DNA.

Their dominance continues with this EDM-based bop which will make them even more popular outside of Korea. The boys won Billboard’s Top Social Artist award and International Artist at the Teen Choice Awards.

The video itself already racked up over 10 million views in the first few hours and their preorder count was over a million.


DNA starts with an adorable whistle intro, then the whistle is met with guitar strings which make for a clever and light-hearted feel. Once the EDM feel kicks in, we’re treated to some lyrics full of cool metaphors.

There’s the science metaphor:

“I knew you from first sight/As if we have been calling for each other/The DNA in my veins tells me/You’re the one I’ve been searching for.”


Then you have the rest of your school lesson’s written in the next verse.

“Our meeting is a mathematical formula/Religious commandments, law of the universe/The proof of fate that has been given to me/You are the source of my dreams/Take it take it/Destiny’s been chosen to the hand that I extend to you.”

These are all interesting ways to reiterate the theme of their love for the girl as something that is more than just a mere crush. It’s something that happens at the molecular level. My personal favorite comes toward the middle-end, when they take it to widest scale they can: the universe.


“From the day the universe was birthed/Over the infinite centuries/In our past lives and probably in our next too/We are together eternally.”

BTS sure knows how to deliver quite the intergalactic love song.

The delivery of the song will be hit or miss with people, as DNA is very similar to the other EDM songs that dominate radios right now.

It’s not the 2015 EDM with an obvious rise in the melody and a big drop. Instead the sound stays pretty tame.


The MV for the song is pretty high budget. In the beginning we’re given whistles and winks which will surely send any BTS shippers shooting for the stars in squees.

The initial camera angles help build up some curiosity and you wonder what’s going to happen in the MV. It’s nothing too out there or surprising, pretty much like the song.

The boys all wear colorful outfits, which match the colorful background and overall atmosphere of the MV. It all conveys a form of universe-sized love which this song is pretty much about.

DNA is a big step forward for the boys internationally, and while their song doesn’t do much to be different from other current radio hits, it will undoubtedly help push them further into the international limelight.

Maybe one day they can over take Psy.