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Kpop: I Miss You by Boyfriend

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Such a perfect title to a song that sums up the feelings for fans of Boyfriend. Luckily the missing you part of our relationship with Boyfriend is over. They recently released their newest single I Miss You. The song oozes a romantic theme which is different from their last comeback which was more action oriented.

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The video for the song is just super super cute. They knew what the fans wanted and that’s what we got! The boys are on the rooftop dancing. And within the dance sequences we have the romantic story of the video.

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It’s showcases the trials and tribulations each boy faced in their own personal romance story within the video.

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The last we heard from Boyfriend, they wanted us to Bounce along with them and their single which was on their album Wonderland.

The song itself is a nice balance between that of a pop ballad and a dance number. It is a pretty safe song and doesn’t do anything too different or spectacular but It’s obvious that they wanted this song to have an emotional resonance and it does!

If you’re new to “Boyfriend” then you HAVE to watch this to get to know them a little better.

As for their new song “I Miss You” It’s definitely worth a listen!