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Jpop Fix: Little Glee Monster

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Thanks to groups like Pentatonix, TV shows like Glee and movies like Pitch Perfect, acapella is once again gaining ground in the music industry. Due to this, we now see new acapella groups popping up in various countries around the world. Little Glee Monster is one of these groups that stand out above the rest.

This pop group has recently been gaining popularity due to their amazing vocal abilities. Each of them is an amazing singer on their own, but when you put them together they make one amazing group. Little Glee Monster has covered several English songs, including “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen, and “What time is it?” from High School Musical 2.

In 2013, the Japanese entertainment agencies Sony music Records and Watanabe Entertainment made a joint effort, holding auditions for potential members of a pop group. They found six members, and successfully created the group Little Glee Monster. They seemingly have arrived at the right time, given that this is the decade of acapella groups. These girls have since collaborated with various other artists and groups on TV and live shows.

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Watanabe Entertainment

The members consist of Karen, Asahi, Serina, Maju, Mayu and Manaka. They made their first major debut on October 29, 2014 with their single, “Houkago High Five“.

The members of Little Glee Monster are very talented, and they are also able to hold their own against other more experienced artists on stage when they do collabs, which is why we are such huge fans!

This group might still have a small following compared to other more successful artists, but for a group that has only been around for two years, they are already further ahead than most others.

They have recently tapped into the international scene, gaining fans from various countries. Although for us here it’s been a little difficult to get our hands on one of their albums, without paying way over market price. Their album, “Colorful Monster”, was released last January 6th, 2016 which contains the songs “Sukida.”, “Jinsei  Wa Ichidokiri.” These songs are the only ones currently available on their YouTube vevo channel. Interestingly enough their official YouTube channel has a regional filter, so most of us here are unable to view their videos. I guess we just have to watch fan uploads for now.

Little Glee Monster is a fresh introduction to the next generation’s acapella performers. Their songs are heartfelt and memorable and their musical style is more pop than rock, and they heavily rely on each other’s vocals for support to successfully perform each of their songs.

Their first studio album, Colorful Monster, had three versions released: the limited CD Only, the CD+DVD, and the regular 2CD editions. They also released a compilation of their cover songs in 2015, including “Yuki no Christmas” from JUJU, “Kessen wa Kinyoubi” from NICO Touches the Walls and “Haretara Ii Ne” from LiSA. I guess it’s time for us to start hunting down these albums, because they are definitely worth a listen.

Little Glee Monster Promo Pic

Watanabe Entertainment

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