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Review: Goose House

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Do you desire to see pure happiness in one music video? Do you like musicians who genuinely enjoy and love what they are singing? Do you love inspiring and upbeat lyrics in a fun and catchy tune? Then it is time for you to be introduced to the wonderful world of Goose House.

This group has recently started gaining popularity due to the amazing musical ability of each of its members, and the amount of pure energy that they always portray throughout each video.

Goose House was formed in 2010 with a then name of “PlayYou.House”, they played a few live cover songs on YouTube and UStream. These musicians usually had their own instruments to perform with and their own roles in each song. “PlayYou.House” lasted for about two years, with two seasons running from June 19, 2010 to March 11, 2011. By this point, the Sony Project was done, but the members decide to stay together, having gotten used to each other’s quirks and playing styles throughout the course of the Sony’s experimental project.

They decide to form the group Goose House in April of 2011, with their first ever live stream as an official group released on May 7, 2011. Ever since then, they have released various live streams where they perform five to eight different covers or original songs in the video. In December, they performed their holiday special: House of the Year, which is a live stream of their most popular original and cover songs from the entire year.

They have also had several members come and go. Each person leaving is someone who has “graduated” to pursue his or her own solo career as a musical artist. The current members are Takebushi Kei, Hiroyuki Saito, Migiwa Takezawa, Manami, Sayaka, Watanabe Shuhei, and their current acting leader Kudo Shuhei.

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Each member is interesting on his or her own. Takebushi Kei is the diva of the group, commonly known by fans as the one who does the most vocals. She also provides a lot of the energy in most of their videos. Kei is relatively fluent in English, which is something you’ll notice right away as she sings various covers in English.

Hiroyuki is the one who does higher male vocal notes, along with most of the main guitar performances for their songs. He is also able to play the violin in other covers. Takezawa is the quietest, and usually the one doing percussions. Manami dons a cute punk style of clothing, and switches between beatboxing, vocals and the backup guitar. Sayaka is the “onee-san” of the group, and always takes over the piano. Shuhei also does backup guitar, and provides a distinct baritone perfect for blending with female voices. Kudo, the one jokingly referred to as their “leader”, is a founding member who is able to use the guitar, the harmonica and the piano, along with strong vocals.

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These members have composed their own songs. Some have even pursued solo careers for a few months before returning to the group. They do both English and Japanese song covers, and most of these videos can be seen on their YouTube channel. They also compose their own original songs and albums. They have around a million subscribers and thousands of fans around the world.

Goose House have also performed songs for two different anime: Your Lie in April, and Silver Spoon. Due to this, their international fan base is constantly growing. They are also receiving lots of attention due to the quality of their song covers- they produce wonderful videos full of emotion and meaning, with beautiful acoustics.

Goose House is breath-taking to watch: mainly because you cannot imagine loving music as much as they do. Some of it may even seem silly, but these are people who seriously dedicate themselves to their art form and are able to use it well in conjunction with others in the same environment.

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Any person intrigued about Goose House may check out any of their cover songs on their YouTube channel. Have a listen and let us know what you think of this week’s Jpop Fix.