Weekly Manga Update

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We’re already three weeks into August! Where’s the summer going?! And just as fast as summer is coming and going, so are the releases of new manga! If you haven’t had a chance to see what’s coming out, allow us to help you with our picks for this week’s Manga Update!


1. Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt Vol. 4 by Yasuo Ohtagaki (story & art), Hajime Yatate, and Yoshiyuki Tomino (concept)

Who’s not down for more Gundam manga?! The Gundam Universe continues to expanded this latest entry.

“The fleets of the Earth Federation’s Moore Brotherhood and the Republic of Zeon have shattered each other in a bloody battle for the Thunderbolt Sector. Mirroring the greater struggle, the ferocious duel between Io Fleming and Daryl Lorenz leaves both the Full Armor Gundam and the Psycho Zaku heavily damaged and Io a prisoner of war. The Zeon space habitat A Baoa Qu now becomes the final battleground of the One Year War…”


2.Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 14 by Sui Ishida

It’s finally here everyone: the FINAL entry in the Tokyo Ghoul manga! Are you drooling yet?! We are!

“As Kaneki and the fiercest fighter in the CCG, Arima, finally face off, several investigators launch an assault on Yoshimura, unaware of the danger that awaits them. The massive battle takes a turn for the worse when the One-Eyed Owl appears, leaving the fate of Kaneki and the CCG hanging in the balance.”


3.Fairy Tail Master’s Edition Vol. 4 by Hiro Mashima

Fairy Tail fans and readers who are curious in the manga get a lot of bang for their buck with this 900+ page special edition!

“An oversized collection of volumes 16-20 of the Fairy Tail manga series! With a total of 960 pages and a 7-inch by 10.5 inch trim, the Master’s Edition contains the same material as the original volumes, but larger and on high-end paper. Perfect for masters and novice wizards alike!”


4.Don’t Meddle With My Daughter Vol. 1 by Nozomu Tamaki

New series alert! Why not start your school year with this new manga series that looks promising, and will pack a punch!

“Twenty years ago, the superheroine Eighth Wonder fought valiantly against the nefarious organization Blowjob. These days, she goes by her real name, Athena, and lives a normal life with her teenage daughter, Clara. But when Blowjob returns and Clara is chosen as the next Eighth Wonder, Athena soon finds herself putting her body on the line and working hard in the shadows to protect her beloved daughter!”


5.Devils’ Line Vol. 8 by Ryo Hanada

Dark, edgy, and continuously entertaining, we’d recommend the eighth entry into the Devils’ Line series for this week as well!

“Anzai wakes up to find himself in the devil treatment floor of a hospital. While Anzai was unconscious he dreamt of his childhood at ONLO, and may have recalled a blocked memory involving both a young Kikuhara and his real father. As a result of the incident on the roof, the brass at the MPD have insisted that Tsukasa and Anzai be temporarily separated. Back full-time at school, Tsukasa makes an important discovery that will affect her future…”