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Manga Showcase: What Did You Eat Yesterday, Volume 12

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There are roughly two types of manga out there overall: the ones that are familiar and the ones that try to do something different. “What Did You Eat Yesterday,” is one of those manga that fits into the latter category.

It’s not off-the-wall different like some manga can be, but it takes conventional ideas and adapts them to different themes.

What is it about:

“As his clients get on in years, Kenji starts offering house call haircuts, which leads to the most emotional moment of Kenji’s career as a stylist. Shino asks for someone to split the burden of clerical work at the office and the firm ends up with a very perceptive new employee. And Kohinata calls Shiro in a panic asking for help with Gilbert, and ultimately makes Shiro a very intriguing offer…”

Why you should read it:

Created by artist FUMI YOSHINAGA, the manga series is blend of slice of life, yaoi (I use this very lightly), and food/cooking manga. All three of these have been toyed around with in other works, but it’s the way the manga delivers it that makes it fresh.

This manga takes a look at slightly older characters, which brings up a set of different life issues to deal with.

Parents, for instance, aren’t as much of an angsty fence to keep our characters away from romance or the real world, as they are turning elderly, and the care for them becomes more of a paramount issue.

Food, as you’d expect from the title, plays an important role in the manga series. Thematically, this one tackles more of the ideas behind beef and pork and how western and eastern dishes prioritize them in different ways for different reasons.

On top of this, you have the food analogy acting as double meanings for other themes encountered in the 12th volume.

“What Did You Eat Yesterday,” volume 12 is a definite must read, so check it out!