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Webtoon: Small World

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A story about the experiences of the gay couple Robin and Julien. This story is purely fiction.”

Small World, by WJinko is so stinking cute.

The webtoon series is very simple, yet effective. In a wash of pastel colors, sparse exposition, and short panels, we are given little snippets into Robin and Julien’s lives. I’d describe it as an adorable “this is what it’s like to be in a relationship” type of comic…well more like a greatest hits, as they obviously highlight more of the positive moments of their relationship.

The yaoi influence is very obvious, as the characters have physical and mannerism-based characteristics you find in yaoi couple. Julien is taller, with broad shoulders, and protective attitude. Robin is smaller, comes off more passive, and he’s got pink hair and overall softer shades. Yaoi fans will see them as the typical seme and uke duo. Things, however, stay light. There’s no abuse, manipulation, or other typical romantic, yet destructive interactions between them.

With only ten episodes in the series at this point, it’s easy to get into and to catch up. There are weekly updates added as well.

If you do find yourself enjoying the series, we ask that you go and help WJinko with their Patreon.

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