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Manga Shelf: Itachi’s Story – Daylight

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Naruto as a franchise is one of those entities that don’t need a real introduction because it’s like introducing the most popular person in the room to the rest of the people around you. It has helped shape the anime and manga world for better or worse and has both its praisers and its critics. But regardless of what people’s ultimate opinion on the franchise is, one thing is clear: the franchise is good at storytelling.

This book is not going to be for those who want a cheerful romp through the Naruto world. We’re talking about Itachi here after all. This branch off narrative details his early life.

Itachi’s Story: Daylight is for the Naruto fans who like getting into the nitty gritty of the shinobi world.

There is a nice and steady sense of growth for the main character as his psychological point of view expands. He is a shinobi who is growing up in an environment full of pain from such an early age. The yearning for a peace of mind becomes one of the most paramount elements in the story.

Itachi’s Story: Daylight has an introspective nature as we see Itachi tackle adult like situations and losing his innocent point of view on the world around him. He must mature quickly and in doing so learns to protect those who are near and dear to him. The story also tackles the realization that there is no 100% right, when it comes to viewing right and wrong.

Itachi’s Story: Daylight is therefore one that reminds us that happiness is fleeting. Any whisper of a happy moment that comes to this book, which are few in between, are bittersweet because you know that they are slowly fading away toward the end of them.

Regardless of the sadness though, you will still get to poke your head up for air when being submerged in the sadness. He does talk to Naruto which is an interesting moment you’ll hold with you even after you put the book down. His relationship with Sasuke is warming. He also has nice exchanges with Shisui and you’ll gush a little over his interactions with Izumi.

The beauty of the sadness to happiness ratio though will make these moments stand out that much more. They also prove to be the reasons why he’s able to get stronger as they give him a reason to push beyond the pain. How endearing, and very shounen.

Itachi’s Story: Daylight is definitely a must read for Naruto fans. We wouldn’t recommend it as a starting off point for those who are just getting into the Narutoverse. The story seems to rely on previous knowledge to get you through the story and without it you can enjoy the book but it could feel much more generic without it.

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