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Spirit Circle by Mizukami Satoshi is a manga that’s somewhat been buried by many other manga but still deserves its moment in the spotlight. We follow Fuuta Okeya who is a fourteen year old boy who can see ghosts.

This ability that he has is only part of the story but not the main focus of it. Another aspect is focused on an encounter he has with a young girl (Kouko Ishigami) who has just moved into his neighborhood. Her presence inexplicably leads him into living his past lives because he eventually wants to try to understand why this new girl wants to kill him so badly.

Pretty intense huh? The premise alone is arguably why people should indeed give this manga a chance and the narrative is more original and therefore refreshing. After each past life Fuuta Okeya isn’t made more and more heroic. If anything his heroism comes from those of his previous lives.

Spirit Circle also has some fascinating story elements that are sort of off the wall, but if you are a fan of Mozukami Satoshi, you would expect them to be. These crazy story elements are tailored into the mystery which drives the narrative. It reveals more of the past relations between both Fuuta and Kouko and trust us when we say that it is compelling!

Spirit Circle - Manga

A lot of the art within Spirit Circle is similar with both the main characters and the lesser characters in the story. This does make for a more monotone visual experience for a manga but doesn’t completely deter from the narrative as a whole. There is a silver lining found in how the characters do have distinct personalities and different goals too.

This is seen also in Fuuta’s past-selves which help to make the lore of his past lives that much more believable. You’ll see threats of commonality in his characters for the sake of continuity though. This makes the moments on which his present crosses with his past self very fascinating! Kouko, the young female protagonist is a little more limited in her development due to the fact that we are seeing her through the eyes of the main protagonist. But even then she’s interesting.

Spirit Circle has quietly slumbered away while other manga have taken their turn in the spotlight. This is sad because the manga offers a great narrative about reincarnation, responsibility, afterlife, and death. The questions Spirit Circle asks its readers are ones that will linger with them long after they’ve set the book down. This is one manga journey you don’t want to miss out on.

Spirit Circle - Manga