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Manga Shelf: Platinum End Vol. 1

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Platinum End is a manga that starts in a rather dark way. Mirai Kakehashi is a very depressed guy and is tired of dealing with his condition. He decides to commit suicide. He jumps off a skyscraper and closes his eyes. When he opens them again, he’s been carried by none other then his guardian angel.

In a rather odd situation, he is given the choice between two things: either to have wings so he can fly wherever he wants or to have these arrows which will make anyone he hits fall in love with him for a little over a month.

Even weirder he’s able to take both options and this is where Mr. Cupid, so to speak, is able to learn about the truth of his existence and also regain a sense of perspective on the importance of his life.

Artistically if you are familiar with Obata’s manga work, then you’re going to love Platinum End. It’s beautiful and has the very shounen vibe to it. It’s lively and crisp. Very modern. On top of this, it marries well with the written aspects of the manga, giving you the perfect blend of both mediums.

You’ll also notice that the main character contains that same style to him like characters in Death Note and Bakuman. In other words Obata strikes again.

Mirai also falls into the familiar realm of the other shounen characters that Obata has created. He has that same sense of likability that you know from Light in Death Note. He will be someone that some readers will aspire to be and others will possibly fall for.

He is also very intelligent. It’s cool seeing him figure things out and maneuver his way through the obstacles in his way. But people shouldn’t go in thinking they’re going to get the same exact characters from Obata’s other works. There are similarities but Miria is his own person.

Much like Death Note, volume one of Platinum End doesn’t immediately throw all its cards out, but it shows that it has a lot of potential for growth. The main concept of exploring the confines of what is good and what is evil is very much alive here.

Part of the character analysis comes from wondering how selfless and selfish he will allow himself to go. Even the angel has a rather gray area to her existence and this is part of the motivation to continue to read the story.

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