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Manga Shelf: Midnight Secretary

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The manga Midnight Secretary is at its core a vampire story. The main character is Kaya. She’s one of the best secretaries around and she gets assigned to work with Kyouhei who is a rather standoff-ish, arrogant man who dismisses our heroine as just another plain nobody. Ouch.


He lets her and us know that she’s not his type. First impressions are just that – first and she quickly proves him wrong. You go girl!

She proves she’s great at her job and he keeps her. Things become interesting quick as she finds out that her boss is actually a vampire. She catches him drinking blood from one of his nightly conquests. Kaya then is on a mission to make sure that her boss has access to as much blood as he needs and to keep his hidden identity just that – hidden.

Midnight Secretary, as a vampire manga, doesn’t do anything too original, but it’s fine because it is still fun to read. Their lore is pretty much the one you’d assume. They can hypnotize people in minor ways, sunlight burns them if they’re in it for more than a minute, and they also don’t really need to sleep.

The character Kyouhei is done very well as far as character development goes. He’s very much every josei fan’s dream vampire especially if you like the brooding arrogant type. To call him big and broad is an understatement.

Given that this is josei, meaning for a slightly more mature manga audience, there is some sex involved. The manga is a bit aggressive with it in the beginning, but the story puts it more to the wayside as it progresses. But don’t worry; you will still be treated to a lot of sexual innuendos and intense moments. More prudent readers will be a little hot under the collar in going into this narrative.

All in all though this romance manga is a definite read for all josei fans!