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Manga Shelf: 7th Garden

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The 7th Garden manga is a shounen manga that came out in the summer of 2016 thru Viz media. The story, while not the most original, is still worth a read for shounen fans, especially for those who like a fantastical twist to their story.

The first volume gives us a peak into what the story as a whole has in store for us. The setting has a European Influence. In the 7th Garden manga we see a story of Heaven vs Hell unfold. Given that it’s a shounen you should expect to encounter a lot of fan service. If this isn’t your thing then chances are you’ll want to stay clear of this.


But 7th Garden does have some cool twists to it which keeps the story from being too boring. One of the major twists is that the demons aren’t evil. The interesting twist makes the combat sequences that much more awesome! If you can get into this aspect of the story then you’ll find yourself looking forward to the next installment.

Our story follows Awyn who has a sad past and because of it, he distracts himself with tending to his gardens on a rather lonely estate. He does have one ray of hope and that comes from the young daughter of the garden’s estate owner named Maria. As you’d guess, she’s sweet and kind.

One day he accidentally awakens a demon who’s Ben hidden and is offered great power in exchange for his soul. Initially he says no but then the he’s staying in estate and the accompanying village is attacked. Maria is killed by the church’s corrupt solders. But then she is resurrected by the demon that also saves the village.


The demon transforms into a pretty bad ass Sword that Aywn will use against angels. This also puts him in the fight between heaven and hell and also makes him realize that maybe it’s the church that is the evil, not the demons.

By the time you get to the end of the first volume, you’ll have seen that while there wasn’t a lot of combat initially, there is definitely a lot more to come.