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Manga First Look: Suicide Island

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Suicide Island is a manga about people who tried to commit suicide and how they’ve been sent to an island after the government came to the conclusion that these types of people were a danger to their society and ultimately a waste of financial resources. So yeah … its definitely not a light concept but then again it’s seinen. The people who are sent to the island have two choices, they can either kill themselves as they originally intended or try to survive. Also on this island there are no rules.

Getting Battle Royale vibes yet?

The premise and the story itself are pretty deep and really makes you think about the reasons for why people take their own lives. It focuses on taking lives for granted and will help to reinforce an appreciation for being alive. It makes the struggle of your life, no matter what you’re going through, seem less insurmountable.


Our main character Sei is quite relatable, perhaps too much so for some people who are used to assertive and shounen like heroes. Our hero here is more on the helpless and sometimes useless side which for us really rang back the idea of being both helpless and useless in your own mind.

There’s a lot of back and forth with Sei internally. And within volume one, the development his character gets is a bit slow. Patience is a virtue. He constantly questions himself. But you’ll still like the story as there is more to it than just his struggle.


Sei isn’t too smart and cunning like his friend Kai is. He’s pretty average and this is where his doubt really comes from. He really struggles with being by himself too. He’s very vulnerable which will undoubtedly either irk you or make you wanna hug him.

Suicide Island is a seinen manga for those who want a deeper story out of their manga pick of the week. There isn’t anything really different or gripping with Suicide Island, but when they begin to reveal all characters flaws, Suicide Island really shines. There are some nice and distinct facial expressions that does humanize the narrative as well. You’ll be feeling some feels that’s for sure.