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Manga First Look: Gakuen Prince Volume 1

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Gakuen Prince is an interesting manga that’s tagged as a “boy crazy” manga. The story is set in Joshi High which is an elite school, the place that many girls in Japan would love to attend. But this girls only school plans on changing into a coed school. Being that it’s in transition the girls totally out number the boys!

This in turn means that the boys are a bit of a commodity, one that is highly sought after. There’s a big competition for them, and the question becomes who will and will not get a caught?


The story follows Azusa Mizutani who is a new student at Joshi High. He’s barely on his first day of school and he already feels a sense of alienation from the other guys. On top of this, many of the girls won’t leave him alone. It makes him feel rather victimized because he’s totally on many of their hit lists.

While hiding from the girls in a closet, he meets Rise Okitsu. She’s different from the other girls as she isn’t a fan of being part of the competition. She just wants to do her own thing. He remembers a technique from another male classmate on how to avoid the crowd of girls.


He pretends to be in a relationship, with Rise! Eventually the two are found together, the other girls are shocked and they wonder why in the world she was picked over all of them. This will not stand for the other girls…

Rise becomes the target of massive amounts of bullying from the other girls. She is of course not a fan of this. And it’s all Azusa’s fault for screwing things up for her. She just wanted to blend in. But also Azusa is still a target, so now the two of them are stuck in crazy situation. The big question becomes when will it end?


The manga isn’t too far off from a typical shoujo manga. It’s not going to wow anyone for its innovation but it’s still a very fun read! The characters, especially Rise, have moments where they do come off a bit cliché but still relatable.

Fun and Entertaining are really good words to describe Gakuen Prince because it’s not meant to be taken seriously. It’s meant to make you laugh and to put you in those awkwards situations that cause many antics to ensue!

So check out Gakuen Prince when you are in the mood for something light and fun!