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Manga First Look: Behind the Scenes!!

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Behind the Scenes!! Is a surprisingly different manga. Instead of focusing on the idol, the person who is getting all the attention, it is a manga that focuses on the action behind the Scenes. This is a fresh take that will remind some readers of a documentary type of deal with commentary, trivia, and other behind the scene stuff embedded in it.

The story revolves around a college student that lacks any self-confidence. His redeeming quality is that he’s got a great attention to detail and has a very crafty way of making “do it yourself” projects. He gets caught up in the Art Squad’s activities and is pulled into a club that focuses on amateur set, prop, and costume designers. They are people responsible for the items needed for the various film clubs on campus.

The cast of the manga as a whole is where the manga truly finds life. We get to see and even love Ranmaru, the main protagonist, but unlike other manga it’s not just all about him. The stories also center around other people in the group.

Behind the Scenes!! is a josei manga that is light on romance and heavier on friendship. This is undoubtedly a nice departure for those who may be a bit overwhelmed by all the romance that was happening over February. However, those who do need romance shouldn’t lose heart over the matter. Love is still an element and is something that comes out more so in the later volumes.

This Bisco Hatori manga is great addition to the josei/shoujo manga collection. It is different from Ouran High School Host Club but still has a similar charm about it. There is a noticeable shift in the art and we think it’s a nice improvement of the previous works.

Just recently Volume 3 of Behind the Scenes!! was released.

So go check it out!