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Manga First Look: Assassination Classroom Volume 16

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(*Spoilers Ahead*)

We’re just going to slap a good ol’ spoiler warning here.

You’ve been warned.

Still here?


Assassination Classroom’s 16th volume finds its more interesting character, Koro-Sensei, explaining and revealing a lot.

The big hook for the story is finally revealed and it’s quite the doozy! Writer Yusei Matsui has proven that he’s great at creating a character that acts as both an intriguing antagonist and an antihero.

But what’s most interesting is that the information behind Koro is heartbreaking to say the least. It’s involves history with mad science and of course the element of love saving the world once again.

In short, Koro-Sensei was created from the literal flesh of the assassin that is named the God of Death. He had two stand-in parents named Yanagisawa who was the head scientist of the project that created him and Aguri who is his fiancé, who was a junior high school teacher with some questionable ulterior motives.

What’s most interesting about these characters is that much like Sensei, they too take on an interesting depth of character, most namely Aguri. She’s quite dedicated and what’s cool about her character is that she goes beyond the cliché of most female shounen anime characters.

She is flawed but redeeming. She is also emotional, but still strong. The element of love defines her character, but it does so in an empowering and quite endearing way.

Yanigasawa is less…redeemable. He still hates Aguri with a passion. The arranged marriage, he believes, is unfair, and if you’re a fan of Aguri’s character, your emotions will be doing gymnastics as he runs the poor character through the ringer in horrid ways.

He grows as a character but in the way that makes you hate him more. Which is quite interesting.

Assassination Classroom has become one of the longer stories in which the true pay off hanging in there basically happens in the last parts. This volume proves it. But you had to have enjoyed the previous 15 volumes to get this far.

It is hard to tell people why they should hang on without giving the big reveal. All you can really do is just tell them that you promise that the pay off is indeed worth it!

And it’s interesting to see that even though we were over here spending our time trying to look for more information about his past, we were actually on a ride with him to find a reason to teach and that reason becomes the series’s most endearing philosophy.