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Manga First Look: Devils Line Volume One

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Devil’s Line is going to touch on the same thread, for many readers, the way the popular franchise Tokyo Ghoul does. It follows the story of Tsukasa who is a young woman in college whom is also scared of being alone with men. Tsukasa however has one male friend Akimura, but he turns out to be vampire AND is connected to several rape and murders of women! This all comes out during the first few pages when Anzai tracks down Akimura and confronts him in front of Tsukasa.

In this story the vampires not only look like humans but they can indeed make it around in sunlight. They do differentiate between humans because they are cold to the touch. They somewhat live together with humans, but laws do try to make it so that there are rules.

Things don’t quite go well for Anzai as Tsukasa is injured and he tastes her blood and almost transforms. This is where a relationship begins to bloom. Tsukasa finds herself oddly comfortable around him. Their story follows the buddying of their relationship, but goes beyond just a romance plot when a bigger group gets involved and wants to kill all devils.

The one thing some readers will want to look out for is that they throw out quite a few character names. Sometimes this can be the difference between continuing and putting down a manga. We do think that it’s worth it if you enjoy these types of tales but will say that in comparison to Tokyo Ghoul, the initial pull of the story doesn’t feel as strong.

The world that’s being built is interesting. It’s interesting to hear the term “devils” being used so often and how both humans and they live together and there’s an awareness of it all. The characters are also interesting and while it initially seems like it would be Tsukasa’s story, Anzai definitely takes the spotlight. It feels like we get more insight into his world, at least within this volume.

So if you’re looking for a Tokyo Ghoul-esque type of manga experience, this is the one for you. It’s building into something entertaining and even thought-provoking, so check it out today!