JYP Entertainment Warns Penalties for Violations of GOT7’s Right To Privacy

It seems like Got7’s representative, JYP Entertainment, aren’t happy with how the boys have been treated. Or, we should say, how there’s been a lack of privacy for members.

Recently, the company posted a notice that warned people who violate Got7’s privacy. The updated notice adds a list of specific offenses for people to avoid. The penalty will be being blacklisted. People aren’t allowed to wait outside of one of the boys’ homes or their work studio. People also can’t enter areas such as parking spaces, or take photos without permission.

Read the official notice in full below to get the specifics.

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment. We are posting this notice to update the blacklist standards regarding GOT7’s schedule. If an individual is found to be partaking in any of the acts listed below, they will be included on the blacklist and face permanent disadvantages moving forward, so please be aware of this notice.

  1. Waiting for GOT7 for unofficial schedules near the JYP Center, rehearsal studios, homes, and work studios.
  2. Following GOT7 (by car) to locations such as the JYP Center, rehearsal studios, homes, and work studios.
  3. Following GOT7 members during their personal time.
  4. Following GOT7 in the airport after immigration inspection.
  5. Staying close to or initiating physical contact with GOT7 members at any schedule, official or unofficial, in areas such as around JYP Center, rehearsal studios, work studios, homes, and airports.
  6. All instances of fraudulent activity related to broadcast schedules: Acts that negatively affect the entire fandom such as selling or buying attendance slot, and taking photos or video during pre-recordings (or live broadcasts).
  7. All issues involving safety: Running onto the roads and following GOT7’s car, severely pushing other artists or fans to take photos, etc.

We wish to especially emphasize violations that take place in front of GOT7’s home and works studios:

  1. Waiting in front of buildings
  2. Observing for long periods of time
  3. Taking photos or recordings without permission
  4. Entering spaces like parking lots without permission
  5. Staying close to or initiating physical contact to follow personal schedules
  6. Asking a third party or helping others do the above acts.

The listed acts are all illegal and are a violation of GOT7’s privacy and personal rights, and they also are an inconvenience to those living in the area and passers-by. Therefore, legal action may be taken against these acts if necessary. We ask for your understanding. Thank you.

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