Weekly K-Drama Recap #1: Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim

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Recently we decided to start doing weekly K-drama recaps and are so excited to start with Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim. We here at PopGeekly have had a great time watching Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim. We are currently caught up with the 17th episode and will talk about some of the spoilers so, SPOILER WARNING!

A general short summary of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim:

Boo Yong-Joo was once a famous surgeon with the nickname “Hand of God.” He sadly disappeared and nobody knew why. Boo Young-Joo is now known as being Teacher Kim and he calls himself “the Romantic Doctor.” He enjoys his life which is full of seclusion.

On the other side of the story, we have Kang Dong-Joo who became a doctor to win someone over and Yoon Seo-Jung becomes a doctor to be recognized by somebody. After they meet Teacher Kim they learn about life values and comfort from love.

This far in the series, the romance is not at the forefront; perhaps this is because the series is still establishing its doctor lore. This sadly makes it hard for those who want the romance to be the biggest part. There are parts here and there that are going to quench the romantic’s thirst, they just need to hold on.

What’s nice about the story is that it’s past the point of the initial “will they get together or not?” This could be a curse for Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim as it may lose its spark for some, but like we said if you hold on there is a story with so many intriguing branches.

The series is already at 17 episodes but the good news is that the pace is still going very well. Part of the reason for this is because of the emotional investment that happens with not just the main characters but the others as well. For instance, the Doldam team is quite fleshed out and is easy to relate to.

In general, it will be interesting to see where things will go from here. Is the end of the CEO Shin business coming sooner rather than later? It will ultimately come down to the final image they want to create. The big ethical story comes from the ordeal with healing the world versus making money. It’s one of the reasons why we plan to stick around with the series and watch it until the end.