Weekly K-Drama Mania #14

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Who’s ready for the New Year?! Who’s ready to say farewell to 2016 and its silly antics?! But most of all, who’s ready for the new K-Dramas coming out this year?! We totally are and we have three roles in new K-Dramas that may be confirmed soon!

1. Talks Are Going Down About Go Ah-sung in a new MBC office drama

Are you a Go Ah-sung fan? Well she’s coming back to K-Drama! News has it that the Heard It Through The Grapevine actress has been offered the leading role in MBC’s new drama Radiant Office. Pretty interesting title huh? It’s being tagged as a workplace drama about a rookie employee. This will break her almost two year hiatus from the small screen.

Radiant Office itself is already making waves as the script of the show won an open screenwriting competition at MBC. Its story revolves around a temp office worker’s first job. Go Ah-sung if she takes the role, will be playing a young woman who is struggling to get a job and is very weary of the constant “no’s” thrown at her.

She’s been pushed to her limits after she’s been rejected time and time again. One day she decides to just give up and jumps into the Han River. While the beginning starts in a very dark place, we do know that she’s rescued from her situation after she’s saved and taken to the ER. While she finds out she’s terminal, she also finds out that she’s got a temp job as well.

The second chance isn’t wasted as she decides to change things around. From here is where the story starts as she will undoubtedly hit pitfalls and have to pick herself back up and take on the real world. This sounds like one of the most interesting K-Dramas to come out this year!

Go Ah Sung - Promotional Picture

2. Teaser reveals the imprisonment of Ji Sung’s mind and body in Defendant!

Ji-Sung - Defendant Promo Pic

Defendant and Ji Sung are peaking the interests of many K-Drama fans around the world with the first teaser for the legal drama. Ji Sung, of Entertainer, is going to twist our stomachs and make us run for tissue boxes with his up-coming role as the prosecutor who turns defendant who is on death row for a crime he does not remember committing. The intensity of the story comes from his limited amount of time to prove that he’s innocent.

3. Perfect Wife update: Sung Joon is in talks for role and Lee Sang-yub is out

Madame Antoine’s Sung Joon is now the latest candidate for the Perfect Wife, we’ve found out this week. This may make Lee Sang-yub fans sad as the role was initially given to him but if there’s one thing we’ve learned in the television business is that things change rather quickly.

Sang-yub turned it down supposedly. But this is good news for Joon fans and also gives us the potential to see what he’s got for such a role.

The drama is initially about Go So-young who goes from being a dutiful housewife and mother of two into a a woman who gets caught up in an incident which leads her to rediscover her feminine nature and find a renewed purpose in life. Joon’s role if he gets it will be to play the super poor lawyer who’s got a lot of ambition and dreams he wants to follow. Sounds interesting!

Sung Joon - High Society - Screenshot