KDrama First Look: Tomorrow With You

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Tomorrow With You, one of the latest KDramas to crop up on the scene starts with an interesting premise. You can time travel through the subway. Yup you read that right. This KDrama is sort of a sci-fi type, where the main character Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon from Signal) a rich CEO of a real estate company knows what’s coming around the corner and because he can see the future he knows he’s about to have an unhappy future.


Yoo So Joon’s time travel links him and a mysterious woman Song Ma Rin (Shin Min Ah from Oh My Venus.) His goal is to find out who she is but it won’t be easy. He knows what’ll happen but she doesn’t. And even then, fate has something bigger prepared for their lives as well.


Our story begins in roughly a year from now, December 2018. There’s a Starcraft match for the ages underway between popular gamer Lim Yo-hwan who is up against an artificial intelligence called AlphaCraft. While things getting intense and very close, our victor is Lim.

Cut quickly to a man who is excited and is in his living room, and then we are oriented to his world. Another year has gone by and eventually he goes to buy a birthday gift and then heads to the subway.

One of things you’ll notice about Tomorrow With You is that it’s taking a slightly different approach to its story. And this is why Tomorrow With You is one of our favorites this season!


While time travel can fail in a story if it either becomes unbelievable or too complicated, this KDrama seems more then confident in its approach to time travel. We aren’t given some over explained definition of how things work, or some complex pseudo science origin story.


Instead we are jolted into time travel via our protagonist right off the bat and see things through his eyes. This makes things feel personal and immediate. Explanations if anything are pretty simple such as how he mentions that people are just too busy to notice?


The morals of So-joon’s time traveling will undoubtedly become more as the story moves forward. His buddy Ki-doong finds out about his ability, finds out about his own death, and the search for Ma-rin. You find yourself in a series of a hundred and one questions.

And it’s fun! So check it out!