KDrama First Look: Queen of Mystery

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Mystery is the name of the game with the Kdrama that premiered this past April called Queen of Mystery. It has the whole Sherlock Holmes thing going for it, but it does quite a bit to make itself different from the rest of the mystery gang of kdramas. In a way, there are moments at which you could swear the show is kinda making fun of the genre itself, but in a respectable and loving way.

The first episode is a no fillers affair in which right off the bat we are introduced to the who’s who of the story and it isn’t a snooze fest at all! It opens with a rather eye catching action sequence that helps to mark Wan-seung as our dear old Watson.

He’s quite charming, as you’d want your kdrama leading man to be, and he also has smarts to boot. Interestingly enough the action is quite…actiony. What we mean by this is that it feels very real and hands-on.

Many times kdrama fights have a strong sense of choreography which is pretty to look at but definitely heightens the sense of fantasy/otherworldliness in the stories. Not for this fight! Everything had that snappy, martial arts style to it.

But here’s where things get interesting, our Sherlock Holmes this time is a women, Seol-ok. Much like how sometimes the world is to women, she isn’t taken seriously by the police. She fortunately shows them the error of their ways when she pieces together the clues and the security footage that all leads to solving the mystery.

She’s a very smart, middle aged married woman who is quite eccentric and doesn’t conform to stereotypes. This therefore makes her come off, at times, socially awkward. This will undoubtedly resonate with people who can relate to such a personality trait!


With this Holmes and Watson combo alone, Queen of Mystery is totally worth your time. So check it out!