K-Drama First Look: Missing Nine

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In this week’s K-Drama First Look, we dive into Missing 9. The story follows 9 survivors of a plane crash. They end up on a deserted island. The first episode starts off with a strong sense of mystery. The big question becomes what in the world happened to these 9 people.

However in the first few episodes we only know of one survive Ra Bong Hee (Baek Jin Hee) as we see that she’s all alone on the shores of a beach in China. Four months have passed since the plane crashed. When Ra Bong Hee finally makes it back to civilization, the family and friends of the people who were on the plan seem not too fond that she’s the only one who survived, except for her mother.

There is a lot of aggression coming her way as she is bombarded by people who are asking question after question, demanding she answer them. This of course is somewhat understandable as they’ve lost someone but we are seeing it from her point of view and from there all the demands seem awful and ill intended.

Interestingly enough, all these questions seem to come from people who have hidden agendas and their motives are wrought with selfishness. She’s basically pushed around, and interrogated and then sent back to Korea. Wow. Poor thing.

What’s cool about the drama is that it becomes a “who is trying to get what” ordeal. You start to wonder if some people have legitimate reasons for asking her these questions and wonder who is doing it to possibly cover up something. Maybe one of the people is responsible for it? Maybe someone meant to have them all die? It’s so intriguing!

In the first episode we are basically in Bong Hee’s headspace and therefore are seeing the events from her point of view. We’re going back and forth, between the past and present. It’s a great way to illustrate the problem of memory and also help us sympathize with her.

What’s exciting about watching the first episode is that we’ve only spotted the tip of a big and intricate iceberg! Mystery after mystery keeps popping up and you can’t stop wanting to know more. The only concern is if the story can continue this pace in later episodes and if the ending will be just as satisfying. But for now, we’re just excited to be watching.