KDrama First Look: Whisper

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The theme of power is oh so real in this kdrama! Whisper which sees the comeback of Lee-Bo-young who presents us a world were corruption has taken over and we are in need of an even bigger badass to make things better.

And the big question here is how do you do it. Do you keep with the red tape and rules of society, or do you use their darkness against them?

The drama starts out with Shin Chang-Ho (Kang Shin-il) who is driving on a rainy day in the mountains.

He’s going to meet a person who has called him in a frantic state after their original meeting spot was compromised.

In contrast, not too long after the opening scenes, we are introduced to Shin Young-Joo (Lee Bo-young) who is a Section Chief Detective.

She’s going through old files that she’s probably not to supposed to be going through in hopes of finding proof that will help her prove that Taebaek Law Firm was up to no good.

Let’s get one thing straight about this show: Lee Bo-Young is the star! And there is a sense of passion that really shines in her performance. You can tell she wanted this and she truly does give it her all!

Part of what makes her so appealing is that her character, Young-joo, is right away given the Batman Dark Knight appeal as we know that she’s not above breaking the rules in order to see justice being served.

It makes her intriguing and complex, and it sets us up to wonder how far she is indeed willing to go in order see this idea of justice served.