KDrama First Look: Tunnel

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Tunnel is a KDrama that at first looks like an old school detective series from 1985, which is what it’s trying to be “at first” The show takes an interesting turn when Detective Park Kwang-Ho (Choi Jin Hyuk) ends up travelling from 1985 to present day 2017.  How did he do this? Well Keep reading to find out!


Series Description:

Tunnel (터널)

Starring Choi Jin Hyuk and Lee Yoo Young

Choi Jin Hyuk (Emergency Couple, Heirs), Yoon Hyun Min (Beautiful Mind, Witch’s Romance, Heartless City) and Lee Yoo Young star in a murder mystery that spans across the decades. When a cop chases a cirminal into a tunnel, he comes out on the other end thirty years into the future and in a world where the only familiar face is the killer himself.

Tunnel is a mystery that seems to simmer for longer than any other show does. But this doesn’t mean it’s not an interesting story, because it is! It’s a great story, one that’ll have you at the edge of your seat. The suspense is real with this one and it’s interesting to see how things that seem so small become incredibly big and complicated.


The time conflict works to create part of Kwang-ho’s character. He is the first who considers that the strangulated murders were somehow connected. And it’s easy to feel his frustration as each murder starts to connect. The story also brings into the question the idea of evidence and frustrations that a lack of it can make. You really feel like you’re right there with Kwang-ho.