Kdrama First Look: Strong Woman Do Bong-soon

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Our tales of Strong Woman Do Bong-soon starts out with our female protagonist Bong-Soon, played by Park Bo-Young. She was born with superhuman strength. The strength is hereditary and passed to the women in your family tree.

She has a dream of creating a video game with herself being the main character. On one eventful day, Bong-Soon helps out a bus driver who’s being attacked by a thug and during the fight, a small mob of them come and try to attack her. Keyword is “try.”

She easily finds herself wiping them out and tossing them out like yesterday’s trash. Coincidentally, a man named Min-Hyuk, played by Park Hyung-Sik is near the scene of this incident. He also happens to be the CEO of a video game company called Ainsoft. And luck would have it, he needs a bodyguard because he’s being harassed by an unknown assailant. He not only offers to pay her a good lump sum but also offers her the chance to work in the planning department of the company if she proves herself to be good.

Pretty sweet deal.

The story’s outrageous-ness doesn’t stop there! Crimes against women are raising in Bong-Soon’s neighborhood. Detective Kook-Doo, played by Ji Soo, lives in this same neighborhood and is also the object of her affection. Sadly he has a girlfriend. But their fates are bound to cross as both Bong-Soon and Min-Hyuk are pulled into the case.

It’s an exciting story that on the surface may seem like it’s going to be nothing but gags and weak references to comic books, video games, and other pop culture/new media oriented affairs, but it digs deeper. It goes beyond the stereotypes and sets up for a rather interesting exploration of Bong-soon’s family genetic inheritance. The lore is well thought out.

The show is definitely more on par with comedy but there is the cyber threat subplot and the murder-mystery that will keep you entertained.

All in all, this is totally worth a watch! Check out the trailer below!