KDrama First Look: My Shy Boss

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How shy are you? Are you shy enough to not go to a party? Are you only shy for the first five minutes when you’re in a crowd of new people? Or does is impact you so badly that you’re literally paralyzed by it? To this degree it’s arguably called social phobia.

Well in the KDrama My Shy Boss, Eun Hwan Ki’s shyness is so bad that it gets to the point that it has prevented him from noticing what’s going on around him and also doing the right thing at the right time. It may not sound like a big deal, but trust us… it is.

The trailer for the KDrama can be a bit misleading. It’s more lighthearted and you fall in love with the lead Hwan Ki. While he is still just as adorable and you’ll want to hug him, the reason for it is darker than you’d assume. But this darkness adds to the show’s intrigue and really makes you engaged in what’s happening.

It’ll make you fall in love with the main characters and will keep you intrigued to see what’s going to happen next. You’ll be excited to see what comes out each time Ro Woon is able to peel away a layer of Hwan Ki’s protective shell.

“My Shy Boss starts with a woman who has jumped down from a building. The Co-CEO of Brian, Kang Woo II, is assumed to be the hero of the company. He is the one who presents a proposal to the clients. We find out quickly that it was actually Hwan Ki’s idea. The Co-CEO took his idea but this doesn’t seem to bother Hwan Ki because is very, very shy. He’s very misunderstood by his employees. They think that he was some kind of evil being who’s been hiding in his penthouse.”

We also find out that Chae Ro Woon was an opera actress. She has a “Mr. Smith” who was an admirer of hers who always gave her a basket of flowers after each of her performances. It happened to be the last day the moment that Hwan Ki goes to her performance. His shyness becomes problematic and he wasn’t able to give the bouquet of flowers to her. Instead he gives it to an actor and walks away.

If you are confused with how this all connects, then you’re not the only one. You are meant to feel this way. The series seems to like to play with some of the storylines and branching stories so that you are learning new things but also coming back for more.

Just within two episodes you’ll have a great mix of questions and answers and then more questions.

And it’s awesome! So check it out!