KDrama First Look: My Secret Romance

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April brought with it not only showers but another fun and yes quite cheesy romance Kdrama in the form of My Secret Romance. But really, don’t many of us watch Kdrama for the cheesy romantic moments? Well if you are one of us who do, prepare for large amounts of gushing and hopelessly romantic daydreaming!

My Secret Romance is about Lee Yoo-Mi played by Song Ji Eun (from the K-pop group Secret) who is quite the nerdy gal. The glasses are an obvious give away. Our male protagonist is Cha Jin Wook played by Sung Hoon (from Oh My Venus, Noble My Love) who is rich, and quite the brat. He is a playboy and boasts about how he can get any girl he wants.

The two of them meet up at the Gangwon-do resort and they get caught in a huge mess of misunderstandings and comical “accidents.” As you’d expect, Yoo-mi becomes quite enchanted by Jin-Wook, because he’s so playful and sly in that playboy way.

Their antics culminate in a spicy night together. In a rather funny turn of events however, Yoo-mi leaves the following morning and Jin-wook is left wondering what in the world happened and being quite angry because is he supposed to be the one who leaves her when he’s had his fill with her and then moves on to another.

The story then picks up three years later when the two have another chance meeting after Yoo-mi becomes a nutritionist at the cafeteria that Jin-wook works at. At first they try to ignore one another, but it’s pretty obvious that the two still have lingering sexual feelings between one another.

When the two finally do confront one another, Yoo-mi admits that she remembers the night they had and Jin-wook asks her what in the hell happened. She simply replies that it was a one night stand.

One up’d yet again.

The first episode sets things up in the pretty traditional form that’s familiar to anyone who’s a romantic comedy fan. You’ll find the show sort of winking at you as it pokes fun at itself and the genre as a whole, but not in a way that’ll turn fans off.

The chemistry between the two actors is so well done, there’s a sense of believability and genuineness to their story. But what truly keeps the first episode chugging along is the cheeky moments that make you laugh and possibly blush a little.


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