Kdrama First Look: The Princess’s Man

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Welcome to your next kdrama obsession! The Princess’s Man is an interesting story which follows the star crossed lovers tale were a woman’s dad wants to become King … and he’ll do so my any means necessary.

Of course this won’t work because his daughter falls in love with the son of the enemy. Even though this is a story that’s been told before, The Princess’s Man is still very engaging. It’s a story that wears its heart on its sleeve.

Leading off this kdrama tale is Lee Se Ryung, played by Moon Chae won. She’s beautiful, as you’d also expect and is quite selfless.

She tries to do her best, but when her father begins to truly greed for power and will stop at nothing, her world becomes rather complicated. The costs for his greed are astronomical, and things become really heartbreaking when he plans to take down the family of the man she’s fallen for.

This means she’ll have to defy him, and learn what courage truly is. This is easily one of Moon’s most interesting roles and she steals the spotlight time and again.

Opposite of her is the handsome Kim Seung Yoo who is played by Park Shi Hoo. He’s the enemy’s son, and he’s trying to keep her father form taking control of their kingdom.

What makes his character interesting is the shift that he takes during the drama. Without spoilers, he becomes quite complex and sympathetic. He too has moments where he shines, but we would have to say that the crowning glory (pun intended) goes to Moon.

The one thing that does act against Princess’ Man, at least initially, is it’s pacing. It’s takes what feels like forever to get to the meat of the story, but it’s well worth it.

Much like any period piece, it has to establish its setting, which makes the beginning somewhat forgivable. But if you hang in there, you’ll have quite the ride with this kdrama!