KDrama First Look: General and I

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For this week’s KDrama First Look we aren’t actually looking at a Korean Drama. Instead we are watching General and I a Chinese drama, which is one of the first big dramas of the New Year and in short it doesn’t disappoint. General and I creates a rather intense storyline and an intriguing prologue for the coming episodes. The introduction is just begging to be put on the shelf with other classic historical dramas.

It’s woven in the costumes, in the contrasting colors between the gritty war scenes and the colorful city encounters. It’s also there in the well choreographed fight sequences loaded with dramatic spins and super human jumps.

Our story starts with the Jin army who is closing in on Yan after the two have been at war for a hundred days (typical number for wars recalled in scriptures and other ancient texts). Chu Mo Ran is frustrated at the fact that the master of Jing An Wang Fu didn’t join in on the fight and instead they are faced with the younger master. Chu Bei Jie warns Mo Ran not to let his guard down just because he is young. He Xia is indeed a challenge and that he already has a battle history.

General and I - Chinese Drama - Battle Scene

Bai Pin Ting comes to the battlefield initially to give the message to the men that reinforcements are coming. She however tells He Xia that there are no reinforcements. She does have a plan though. In a mystical fashion, she is able to predict rainfall which will work in their favor, and help turn the tide (pun intended)

This is where the story starts to get intense and we start to see what the new drama on the block is made of. There’s a lot of intrigue and double-crossing and questioning of motives which all set the stage for a gripping political narrative.

General and I - Chinese Drama - About To Kiss

While most of the production is great, there are moments, like with the rain, that feel a little…obvious in the CGI production. Rain is pouring down on the men at war and yet they are completely dry for the most part. It feels like something straight out of an anime. It doesn’t totally deter from the experience but it does make for a slightly jarring experience that’ll temporarily break the immersion.

The first episode begins with an epic battle and ends with a tragedy. We were lured into the beautiful world of the General and I and we have to say that we love it!