KDrama Recap: Hwarang

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Hwarang is a new part to the Oh Boy Project who are the makers of the Flower Boy franchise. For this journey they take us back to ancient Silla where we are introduced to a rather nervous queen regent that is hatching a plan to build a loyal force of soldiers to protect the young king.

The first episode sets up for a cool but also edge of your seat adventure that sees our heroes and heroine trying to navigate a whole world where social status is everything. The story itself is actually set 1,500 years in the past and is during the 12th year of the reign of King Jinheung.

To put it into perspective, the Korea that we know today used to be three kingdoms, and Silla was the most vulnerable. While the king of Silla went into hiding, his mother reigned as regent of the land. She is also who leads us in our story as it was her responsibility for bringing in a group of beautiful young guys in hopes of bringing power to the throne.

The male characters all have their own stories going on within the narrative and it makes watching Hwarang intriguing. And those who consider the boys to be drop dead gorgeous (who doesn’t?!) will undoubtedly swoon over them.

Ah Ro our heroine will have to make a decision at some point, as to which one she wants to be with. Does she go for the brooding prince or the handsome and mysterious stranger?

With only 8 episodes I guess we will have to wait and see. At the moment, Hwarang can only be watched at Viki.com, so check it out!