Drama First Look: Across The Ocean To See You

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It’s been a nice April week, a perfect week to watch some drama and this week it’s Across The Ocean To See You!

The drama stars Su Mang (Wang Li Kun) who works overseas as an executive for MG, a global tourism company. When she tries to have a child, and it fails, and her divorce to a crummy dude ends in divorce, she transfers to the company’s headquarters in Shanghai as a director.

Rumor begin to spread among the employees about Su Mang’s drama overseas and Zheng Chu (Zhu Ya Wen) decides that he wants to try to protect her, even though they had a rocky start to their work based relationship.

The big question becomes: how can Zheng Chu help her deal with the news that she is confirmed pregnant after being artificially inseminated due to her previous marriage situation? Directed by Chen Ming Zhang, the drama starts with the right amount of emotion to get you invested.

We see the previous struggles the two had to deal with – Su Mang’s stress of trying to please her mother in law and the burden of trying to keep her husband at the time of the first episode in the dark over the problem that he is infertile.

It is obvious from the beginning that they are both victims of the pressure to have children, to solidify themselves as having a future with their children. Legacy is everything, and it’s easy to feel how unfair this is to Su Mang, especially when you find out early on that her husband is a douche bag. The man cheats on her, and even has an altercation with her. He’s obviously pretty abusive.

On the opposite side we see Zheng Chu. He is in a five year relationship that culminates in a proposal, but the proposal goes all wrong after he’s coldly put into place from his girlfriend at the time. There’s a violin, a ring in the cake, a strawberry, flowers …and all you wanna do is just give him a hug. It’s painful to watch but you know that it’s gotta happen in order to make room for what will come later in the story.

And that’s exactly what the first episode does: it sets things in motion. The end of it feels a bit sad but you’re fine with it because you know that it’s just setting up the heartache for what will come after all of this. And you want to continue to watch because they’re two interesting characters in an interesting situation.