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Is It Weird to fall in love with a fictional character?

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So here’s the thing with us bookworms. If you sit us down, get us comfortable and confident that you won’t judge us, you’re going to get a detailed and rambling answer to a question we both love being asked and dread: What is your favorite book? Our minds will race as we wonder about all the different answers. Should we think about that one scene that always makes our stomach twist? Or maybe we should talk about the whole series? But what if we reveal too much? We don’t wanna ruin it for them, right? Hmm, okay yeah let’s talk about the characters!

And it’s in this continuous string of questions we wonder if we should open a door to a rather personal area that we’re too insecure to open. If you judge us too much, we may not be able to break the dark spell you’ll cast over us.

But then eventually, if you’re lucky, we’ll tell you about them…our favorite character – our book boyfriend/girlfriend.

For those of you that don’t know what we’re referring to, it’s actually pretty simple. When reading one of our favorite stories, we come across one of the most compelling characters, and they say things and do things that make us squeal in delight, cry in agony, and generally ponder about them long after the book is closed and we have to go back to the “real world.”

But the difference between a character you like to one you love and wish you had as your own comes from that moment when you’re so far away from the real world, that you’re looking up in the sky and either see yourself with them. You dedicate songs to them, and you feel a sense of dread when their gone.

One of our top picks for a fictional character we love comes from Digory Tycho, the love interest in the stellar sci fi young adult trilogy The Torchkeeper Saga. We don’t want to spoil the series for you if you haven’t read it already (and if you haven’t you’re totally missing out), but let’s just say that Tycho’s character goes through so much hell, you’re left wondering just how much further he can pushed. And just when you think he’s met his limit, he continues on.

On top of this, the word “sacrifice” doesn’t even begin to describe the ways he’s made sure that Lucky, the series protagonist, is kept out of harm’s way. It’s from these constant tests that Dos Santos puts Tycho through that makes each scene with him alive, and thus our feelings for him come alive, beyond the paper, beyond the story.

And it’s not just us. Many bookworms out there have fallen in love with many of these types of characters, making fan art, fan fiction, and even crying when no ones looking because – yes we get it! They’re fake and no there’s no way we will get to meet someone like them. But that’s why we reopen the book and read it again, and again…

Now the thing is when you go up to someone and tell them how much you love this character, people who don’t understand are going to think it’s weird. But the question is, is it really weird? Or are people just being judgmental.

Well call us biased but we don’t think there’s anything wrong with falling in love with a character from a book. As a matter of fact, we’re enabling you!

It’s fun to fall head over heels for that character!  Sure it’s not something everyone else is doing. They’re on their apps, looking at social media, wondering when love will find them, and we’re all over here with our noses in our books feeling secure and dreaming about these characters and rereading those lines our favorite writers have spent hours and hours crafting to perfection, just so we could lay on our beds, gripping the book in our hands, and kicking our legs as we read that special line once more.

So if you have a special character you absolutely love, let the world know!