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Should You Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone?

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Let’s be honest for a moment. Many of us have our preferred genres of music, shows, games, books, comics, anime, etc., that we feel comfortable in. In many cases, it was a love of these things that turned us into geeks.

Some of us even spend years collecting all the special edition comics, movies, and such from the franchises we love. We’re happy. We’re content. However, when someone tries to tell you about a new (to you) genre of anything, you find yourself cringe a little inside.

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But the fact is, as much as you don’t want to admit it; you didn’t really give their thing a chance. You saw a trailer and from that one trailer judged an entire genre. Now you’re unwilling to go anywhere near it.

We’re not saying that being dedicated to a genre or a franchise is a bad thing. There’s a lot to love in many of them and there can be problems arising when someone feels overwhelmed by the options out there. However, we here at PopGeekly consider it to be mind opening when we adventure outside of our comfort zone.

Some of us here love magical girl anime, while others despise it. The conversation becomes a battle ground of opposition. Magical girl enthusiasts argue that the pretty, girly frills of the art and story in the genre serve a more complex purpose than what people unfamiliar with the genre would assume.

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The opposite side of the debate sites that it is trapped in its own need to stay pretty and relies on the trope of friendship and love too much.

Now the conversation would have been stilted if both of the parties had only been watching their respective genres. The magical girl enthusiasts would have probably foamed at the mouth, ready to get into an altercation with the opposition.

How many times have we seen less than civilized debates online between different fandoms? Sometimes these debaters decide to go down to the lowest common denominator and result to slurs and insults. What you ultimately have are endless cycles of pointless arguments.

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We’d argue that many of these people are the ones who have a hard time looking beyond their preferred genre. Theirs is the best and there’s no arguing with them about it. We’d challenge these individuals to go outside of their genre and learn to be more critical.

Why? Because it opens your eyes to a lot of different opinions. At least give it a try and you don’t have to love it, chances are you probably won’t, but you’ll at least be able to understand why someone else would find it appealing to them.

Geek Life: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone - Article Pic