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Lewis Black – Why You Need Him in Your Life

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Comedy is a great thing to have in life. We personally love it and consume it on a daily basis like its water. This was especially true when we found ourselves out of school and in the real world for the first time. It was easy for us to slip into a funk, not wanting to leave our little shoebox apartment, but it’s even easier to get into comedy. During the time of our slump, we came across Lewis Black.

He is like the top tier angry and cynical man. He looks perpetually pissed with a permanent frown. He’s a downer but a downer in the most beautiful way possible.

Lewis Black

You see, his comedy is based off of a lot of the absurdities in our society, like the differences between politics and the way we give into consumerism. He has no problem calling out people for their douche baggery and we love him for it. He will take benign things like a smart phone and comment on how useless we’ve become because of it.

He’s also grade A in his presentation of dark humor. This dark humor usually comes from onslaughts he puts on himself. Sometimes it’s almost cringe-worthy how self-deprecating he is, but it makes you not worry as much about your own short comings. He helps you to understand that it’s okay to let things piss you off; just don’t let them get you down.

Lewis Black

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Check out some of his videos and as always let us know what you think.