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Do We Ever Get Too Old To Love Something?

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As geeks, we have heard the stereotypical saying a hundred times: This is for kids. That is for kids.

Perhaps you’re no longer in your teenage years and love young adult literature? You’ve sat in that section of the bookstore for YA and felt a little awkward as someone much younger than you comes near you and looks at the books. You’ll perhaps wonder to yourself: am I too old to love this?

The answer for us is a confident no! If you’re an anime fan and you’re over the age of 21, that’s totally fine. The point of being an anime fan isn’t meant to be something that you only did as a kid.

Perhaps you started watching the show as a kid on Toonami. You remember sitting near the television and watching as both the good guys and bad guys face off and become super saiyans. Or you watched as the opening theme to Inuyasha came on and you got all excited.

There is no problem with loving those now. If anything that’s where being a geek comes from. It comes from a passion you once had and that passion grows into something that is now a deep part of your life.
Anime-girl-resting-and-readingThis doesn’t exclude geeks who come into loving something later on in life. For instance we’ve known people who got into the Harry Potter series in their twenties or thirties and have moved on to become quite the adamant fans.

They’re the ones getting midnight tickets to see the most recent adaptations in the Harry Potter world and they have no regrets. They shouldn’t have to have regrets.

We staff members here at PopGeekly also have been on both spectrum’s of the geek meter. For instance some of use have been fans of Sailor Moon since we were little kids, brushing our teeth before class, and trying to get dressed in-between commercials in hopes of not missing out on the show.

Others remember reading Goosebumps and loving the way it made us feel and continue to read young adult books as adults because it makes us feel the same way it did back then. K-pop and K-Drama, for others, became something that we learned to love well into our twenties.

In other words, we too became late lovers of something that would be considered childish.

So if you happen to hear someone tell you that something isn’t for you because you’re too old for it, ignore them. Being a geek means you’re going against what’s “normal” you’re being yourself.

You’re being who you really are. You’re being open about your passionate self. You’re telling the world that you’re a geek and that’s just how it goes.

So the next time you feel insecure about opening up that manga in the airport, or watching that anime on your phone because the person next to you might judge you, remember that you’re just being yourself.

Let them judge you, because if being a geek means that you’re being childish then be as childish as you want.