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Digital Loneliness, should we embrace it?

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We are sure many of you out there know the feeling of going from a highly populated server to a server that’s almost died. Why would you do this? Well to raid of course, we’ve all done it and we’ve made some really cool friends doing so.

But then the group breaks up or falls apart and everyone goes their separate ways. Some continue the game but on different servers, while others leave the game entirely.

Then there’s you left on the low populated server by yourself once again.

Final Fantasy a realm reborn

As you tread along farming different dungeons, crafting different weapons and flying through different areas you can’t help but feel alone.

You start to miss the silly antics your group would do while everyone waited for a boss to respawn. You miss the insane conversations that would make you laugh so loud you cough from lack of air.

You eventually transfer servers and find yourself a new group. It wasn’t easy though. You had to go through several horrible groups just to land in the one you’re in now. But they don’t hang out like the other group did and they don’t really get your humor.

So you find yourself mostly doing things on your own, because that’s how the beginning of the story was. It was all about going from point A to point B, watching the cut-scenes and becoming stronger.

Final Fantasy a realm reborn

It’s a good story, but a good story is easy to come by. You want interaction with others. Beyond joining a guild that left you feeling only somewhat connected.

You decide to shake this feeling off put your earbuds in and ready yourself for the new patch that’s about to hit and you need to level up your alt before it does.

As the music starts you look at your character running through the map and you feel a bit of loneliness set in but at the same time this overwhelming feeling of calm comes over you. You’re not sad, upset, or anxious. You’re a little happy. That’s strange considering you spent the last couple of months applying to every group that had a forum post just so you wouldn’t be alone

But here you are, alone…And for the first time, you are actually enjoying it.

Final Fantasy a realm reborn

In the end you indeed find yourself coming to terms with your digital loneliness as you continue your journey, you faced it and in doing so you no longer felt lonely.

We internalize a lot of the concepts that are thrown at us, but the main one is loneliness. We are not to feel lonely, loneliness equals sadness – this is what we are taught.

This however is just a concept, one that can be challenged and changed time and again.

final fantasy 15

So don’t be afraid to be alone, embrace it! Challenge those concepts people put on you and sure it’ll seem lonely at times, but isn’t that where personal growth comes in?