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A Brief Look at Adulting

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I recently came in contact with one of the coolest words that I’ve heard in years. It was through a post from a former graduate student from UNM whom I met when I was graduating as an undergraduate. Wow that’s a lot of graduate for one sentence. Anyway, she had posted about how hard it was “adulting.” It took me a moment to think about what she meant by this, but then I realized it was about being an adult, or doing adult things. Paying bills = Adulting. Not screaming and crying and stomping your feet as a result of an argument = Adulting. Getting up to go to work on time = Adulting. Gathering the confidence to confront another adult about something = Adulting. It’s all adulting and it’s not something that really any of us enjoy doing.

For me, the difficulties of adulting are ingrained in that mindset of what it means to be an adult. Right now, given that I’m a graduate student, adulting feels like a past memory. I wake up late. I make coffee at midnight sometimes. Play video games at weird hours and talk sh#t to my online friends. We say dumb stuff like “they took our jobs” and listen to all these cheesy pop songs about overcoming your own personal insecurities. I watch Sailor Moon. I still think of myself magically changing into my clothes.

So do I fail at adulting?

If I have to think about being an adult as being serious then hell yeah I suck at it. Many people suck at it. You probably do too. Luckily though, we’re all in this together. If you promise not to make fun of me calling out “Moon Prism Power,” I promise not to laugh at you when you pull out one of your favorite quotes.

Adulting is that one stupid part of our lives that we don’t like doing because it makes us feel so adulty. Is that even a word? Probably not, but who cares.




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