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11 Years of YouTube

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This year, YouTube will be turning eleven! We still remember hearing about the website for the first time and it being like a ghost town. We visited it ever so often but only found a handful of videos. During that time the only videos that seemed to be interesting to us were ones from fans of Final Fantasy games. These fan-made videos were basically glorified music videos in which the editor picked a song, grabbed their favorite parts of the game, and sliced the scenes into a montage.

We were obsessed with watching them while we were in-between classes. We would prop up our laptop in the student union building, grab a coffee and a burrito and sit there. Not all of them were good and somehow we thought that we were some sort of expert on them, because we watched a few.

Our fascination with fan-made videos never quite changed. YouTube did however. As the first two years of YouTube came and went, the selection of videos to watch began to grow. All of sudden there were all these original videos popping up everywhere. People were making these skit oriented videos. One in particular we loved was the Hope is Emo miniseries. We laughed so hard until we cried. We felt dumb sitting there, during our breaks, watching Hope cry and contemplate about silly things.

YouTube, in its nearly eleven years, has also made celebrities of various people. One of the first people to obtain this status was Shane Dawson. His jokes were cringe-worthy in their bluntness. He always made fun of himself by calling himself gay or a lesbian via the various characters he played. In some of his videos, he opened up about his past of being an overweight teen that was bullied and found sanctuary in comedy. It’s been fascinating to see him grow through his YouTube career.

YouTube has become one of the worlds most loved and hated sites. It is a community of people and even has its own conventions now. People have made careers out of it, and there have been those who proven to be successful with it and others who wished they had never turned that camera on in the first place.

Who are some of your favorite YouTubers? And do you think in eleven more years those YouTubers will still be making videos?